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Episode 2.14: Wolf in the Fold


There's an interesting exchange between Kirk on Argelius II and Spock back up on the Enterprise when Scotty is detained as a suspect. Spock suggests simply beaming Scotty out, but Kirk - of all people - insists that they have to follow the local laws.

Yes, this is a very unusual episode.


Captain's log, Stardate 3614.9. A female crew member caused an explosion which injured Scotty. To treat his resulting misogynistic feelings, Dr McCoy has prescribed "therapeutic leave" on Argelius II.
McCoy: A night on the planet of hookers should fix Scotty's attitude to women!
{Scotty leaving bar with a woman in scanty dance costume}
{outside in the fog}
Kirk: Meanwhile, I know a place where the women...
McCoy: Allons-y!
Caption: Eerie Victorian London dry ice fog
SFX: Aaaarrrgh!!
McCoy: She's dead, Jim! Slashed with a knife.
Kirk: Scotty, did you see anyone?
{Scotty is holding a bloody knife}
Scotty: Nae, I have... amnesia... yes, that's it.
Jaris: I'm Jaris, leader of Argelius. We hired Mr Hengist from Rigel 4 to administer the city.
Caption: {pointing at Jaris} Mr Calm
Hengist: Your crewman is guilty!
Kirk: No! I'll prove it by assigning this female technician to read Scotty's memory. In a room with nobody else present.
SFX: Aaaarrrgh!!
McCoy: She's dead, Jim! Slashed with a knife!
{Scotty is holding a bloody knife}
Kirk: I don't understand! Who could be doing this?!
Jaris: My wife will hold a séance to determine the guilty party.
Kirk: Sure, why not? But lock the room so nobody can get in or out. Except by transporter, but we'll ignore that.
Caption: {pointing at Jaris} Still calm
{black panel}
Sybo: I feel a presence. Something terrible. Fear, anger, hatred. Evil! An ancient hunger that never dies! It is named Beratis! Kesla! Redjac! Redjac! Redjac!
Kirk: Are the lights supposed to be off?
Jaris: No, it must be—
SFX: Aaaarrrgh!!
McCoy: She's dead, Jim! Slashed with a knife!
Hengist: He did it!! {pointing at Scotty, who is holding a bloody knife}
SFX: J'accuse!
Jaris: Now now, let's not be hasty.
Caption: {pointing at Jaris} Still calm!
Caption: To the Enterprise computer!
Computer: Redjac. Alias of Jack the Ripper.
Kirk: Aha! It all makes sense now!
Spock: Surprisingly, it actually does. History shows a trail of knife murders of women leading from Earth, through Rigel 4, to Argelius.
Kirk: It's you! A murderous immortal spirit, subsisting on fear!
SFX: J'accuse! {Kirk points at Hengist}
SFX: Qui, moi? {Hengist points at himself innocently}
Spock: Preying on women, since females are weak and prone to horror. Most logical.
Caption: {pointing at Jaris} Calm
{Hengist is dead}
Redjac: {in the ship's computer} I'm in your computers, preying on your fears! Bwahahaah!
Kirk: Attention all crew! Keep calm and carry on!
Kirk: Bones, drug the entire crew to make them happy.
McCoy: Got just the thing!
Caption: They trap Redjac in Hengist's body and beam it into space.
McCoy: Hey, Jim-boy! The crew'll be happy for another 6 hours!
Kirk: Right. I'll be down on Argelius.
Spock: I hear the women down there—
Kirk: Look after the ship, Mr Spock.

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