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No. 95: Formal Infiltration

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Formal Infiltration

First | Previous | 2009-04-29 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=95

Strip by: fabiocbinbutter

{Scene: A formal ball, with attendees in black tie.}
Ambrose: {to Delkin, a penguin in disguise} What do you mean you don't have any?
Caption: All the other birds thought Delkin was perfectly suited to infiltrate the bird poachers' formal, but they failed to account for one very crucial aspect of the dress code.

The author writes:

I originally made this comic many years ago and recently realised it could be published as a LMOO comic. The only modification was some of the colours, and unfortunately, I had to cover up Delkin's worried expression with sunglasses. Originally the caption at the bottom read "Phil's attempt to infiltrate the bird poacher's formal dress-code soiree suddenly landed him in hot water". However, most of my friends pointed out they didn't get it. If people still don't get it, I suppose I can clarify on the forums.