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No. 924: The Vehicle For Parody Crashes Into A Telephone Pole

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The Vehicle For Parody Crashes Into A Telephone Pole

First | Previous | 2024-02-19 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=924

Strip by: Wibi

{Delkin is sitting at a table.}
Delkin: it'll be called "Indie with Cyndi" and it's like a bunch of indie rock songs mashed up with movies that Cyndi Lauper starred in
{Oliver is on the other side of the table.}
Oliver: we'd need to get some *very* unlikely clearance for that idea to go through
{Zoom out.}
Delkin: dude no it's fine. it's transformative. fair use
Oliver: fair use mainly protects parodies
Delkin: well it's DEFINITELY parodic
{Zoom in on Delkin, who gestures enthusiastically.}
Delkin: it's like a PARODY of how "indie" rhymes with "cyndi", like of ALL the syllables that those two words could've ended with, why did people make them end with the exact same syllable
{Cut to Oliver, who is skeptical.}
Oliver: you must be aware there's a limited amount of syllables they COULD end with. are you parodying the pigeonhole principle or something?
Delkin: yes
{Pause. Oliver's expression softens up.}
Oliver: i might have a suggestion for you

{A logo combining an eighth note with a checkmark.}
good or bad, we reviews it.
{Thin horizontal rule.}
Problems with Pigeonholes
by Del Cann
{The album cover, which reads "PROBLEMS WITH PIGEON HOLES", next to Delkin's face, and "...an album by Del Cann" at the bottom.}
Review by Meridien P.
{Thin horizontal rule.}
"I can't tell why ol' Dirichlet was so keen about cubbyholes / if you stuff 'em with some birds, well of course they're all gonna be full / pick it up, pick it up, pick it up"
This absurd mixture of ska, acid house, pop-rock, and copius MIDI instrumentation sounds like it should be at least a commendable failure. It is not. The singer seems to barely understand, much less remember, the jargon-filled lyrics he gurgles out (see "The Oobleck Rap"), and mind-boggling mixing decisions are to be found anywhere where a song would otherwise risk being listenable (see "Twin on a Spaceship"). Some songs I can't imagine being intended as anything other than a noise collage, yet somehow, they're too poppy and repetitive to make sense as one. This album is both over- and under-produced, creating an effect similar to what Lovecraft has described viewing his arcane deities is like. Truth be told, I haven't slept for 5 days since listening to this album. Whenever I try to close my eyes, that horrible title track reverberates inside my skull. My life is a waking nightmare now. I am using this review as a platform to ask for the best therapist any of you are familiar with within the area of...

{Delkin and Oliver are standing together. Delkin is making finger guns at Oliver.}
Delkin: so how's the album doing
Oliver: we think it will become a major collectors' item in 20 years
Delkin: sweet

The author writes:

I forgot Pitchfork is an American publication.

Also, Roboto has a serif version, Roboto Serif, designed in 2022. Like, what? What?? What??? Maybe this is just a thing that happens sometimes with sans-serif fonts, I dunno. Roboto is the last font I'd imagined would get a serif version.