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No. 850: By poplar demand

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By poplar demand

First | Previous | 2019-08-14 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=850

Strip by: Sloublues

Samantha: Aaand I'm a tree again.
Ambrose: And I think I'm a food bowl this time.
Samantha: What's supposed to happen now? I'm not even a fruit tree. Am I supposed to drop acorns for you to hold?
Ambrose: Perhaps wordplay involving tree or bowl. Hmm. Is oak a popular wood in bowling alleys . . . ?
Samantha: This is just far too random to do anything with. Like, if you were a kite, at least I could eat you.
Ambrose: Eat me?!
Samantha: You know, like Charlie Brown's kite-eating tree?
Ambrose: Yes, but you'd actually eat me?
Samantha: So the strip would end and I'd stop being a stupid tree? Yes.
Ambrose: Good grief!

The author writes:

Ambrose is either crystal glass or wicker. I'm not sure which myself, but we'd better not drop him, just in case.