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No. 836: Samantha is judged

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Samantha is judged

First | Previous | 2019-05-10 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=836

Strip by: Sloublues

Holly: Are we back?
Holly: Yes! Welcome back to the conclusion of the thrilling haiku duel between the UN arbiter, Samantha, and Cornucopioso, the Ambassador for Gravee, brought to you by Toyota!
Holly: To recap, the Ambassador took a commanding early 7-2 lead, but Samantha caught fire and mounted a nail-biting comeback as the Ambassador faded down the stretch. The score is tied at 8.5 after 17 rounds, so we now go to sudden death. The referee has just returned to the field of honor.
Referee: The Ambassador has won the toss and elected to go second in the first overtime round. The topic for this round is: Canines. Samantha, you have ten seconds.
Samantha: Steely-eyed grey wolf / Fearsome lord of the prairie / Dare the moon howl back?
Referee: Ambassador, ten seconds.
Ambassador for Gravee: Skinny weiner dog / Bark bark bark bark bark bark bark / I think you are loud
Referee: The round goes 1-0 to Samantha!
Holly: Samantha wins the round and the duel! Gravee chokes in a phenomenal finish! We've seen history made here today, as a new chapter is written in the exciting annals of tariff tradition!

The author writes:

Central Europe believes in informative headgear.

The other Ambassador is named, uh, Ted.