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No. 808: LMoO Origins: Holly

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LMoO Origins: Holly

First | Previous | 2019-01-21 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=808

Strip by: Sharruma

Caption: November 2008
{Holly is leaving Dos Nae Animation Studios.}
Holly: Meh! Not colourful enough!
{Holly is leaving Picks Argh Animation Studios.}
Holly: Meh! Acting too flat!
{Holly is leaving Barmy Ballads}
Holly: Meh! Not what they're looking for!
{Holly is standing outside LMOO studios.}
Holly: Hmm, looks cheap but I'll give it a go.
{Inside the studio Holly meets Steve.}
Holly: Hi, I'm Holly, I'm looking for work.
Steve: Hi, I'm Steve, I'm in charge here and I think you are just what I'm looking for.
Holly: Really?
Steve: Indeed, put on this lab coat and get on the stage with Ambrose.
Meridien: Steve Steve, Delkin is having trouble getting into the Greek uniform!
Steve: Darling, Can't you see we're about to start filming? I'll sort it out later!
Holly: What do I say?
Steve: {pointing at an unhappy Oliver} Just read the card Oliver is holding up.
{Oliver is holding a sign saying "Whatcha doin' ...."}

The author writes: