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No. 788: Giant Aviary

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Giant Aviary

First | Previous | 2018-08-03 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=788

Strip by: LTDave

{Delkin is explaining his new idea to his friends}
Delkin: So, how about this? A giant aviary full of birds!
{picture of a giant aviary, surrounded by trees}
Delkin: Inside the aviary, the only place to rest is a ferris wheel connected to a generator.
{picture of a ferris wheel connected to a generator - I don't know how to draw such things - I'm not an engineer}
Delkin: One half of the wheel is rigged to give a slight shock every so often...
{picture of a bird looking surprised and sound effect: zzzzzt!}
Delkin: So the birds fly and land on the other side, causing the wheel to spin.
Delkin: The shock moves as the wheel turns, so the birds always fly to the other side, ride it down and around, then fly again.
{picture of ferris wheel - one half electrified, the other half covered in birds. A big arrow shows the direction the wheel is turning}
Delkin: As long as the wheel makes more electricity than is used to shock half the wheel, we make an energy profit.
{picture of scientific equation "Ein < Eout = Success"}
{beat panel of Ambrose, Oliver, and Steve thinking about this idea}
Delkin: Guys! Birds and birdfood are renewable resources! I just solved fossil fuel dependency!
{Delkin excited waves his arms}
Ambrose: Maybe if we used bats? People don't like bats.
Everyone: NO!
caption: (ominously) To be continued...

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