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No. 778: The other type of elephant joke

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The other type of elephant joke

First | Previous | 2018-06-25 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=778

Strip by: LTDave

Oliver: You seem kind of down, Delkin. What's the matter?
Delkin: Huh? Oh. I guess you right.
Delkin: I've just had an "elephant joke" realisation and it has me kind of depressed.
Oliver: "Elephant joke?"
Delkin: You know. When you pull the lining form your pockets to make ears, and use your 'John Thomas' to make the trunk.
[this scene left blank]
Oliver: "John Thomas"?
Delkin: It's a euphemism. "Tom and Harry's friend." "Last Turkey in the shop."
Oliver: I get it.
Oliver: Why would you want to...
Delkin: It's nice to have the option! In times of need, to know you could!
Oliver: Times of need?
Delkin: When drunk, or sad, or mad, or to cause a distraction during a heist or caper!
Oliver: What kind of caper? Never mind.
Oliver: What's the depressing realisation?
Delkin: The depressing realisation is that I, Delkin Dirkwater, can never successfully perform the elephant joke.
Delkin: And not because of any choice I have made, but because of decisions made for me, long ago.
Oliver: What are you talking about?
Delkin: As a baby, my parents had me circumcised.
Oliver: What? So?
Delkin: So imagine an elephant with a watermelon stuck halfway into its trunk.
Delkin: It's just weird.

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