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No. 775: "Snow Jam" and Eyre

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First | Previous | 2018-06-04 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=775

Strip by: Sloublues

Ambrose: What's this? A child who likes stories better than poetry? Off to boarding school with you, fiend!
Samantha: Hooray for graduation! Now to become a governess, just like my hero, Julie Andrews!
Steve: I love you, darling Sam! Let's get married!
Samantha: And I love you, Mr. Steve! Let's get married too!
Samantha: Was that a g-gh-ghost?!
Steve: Huh. We used to rent the attic to a ghost, but . . . oh, right! It's my crazy wife I keep locked up because I can't divorce her. Anyway, my precious Sam, to the chapel we go!
Samantha: [crying] I cannot wed a married man, Mr. Steve, no matter how darkly attractive he may be! I must run away and waste my vivacious youth on the unromantic missionary who will take me far from everything I know and love!
Offscreen: GAK!
Steve: Hang on, I think my wife just died. We can wed after all, sweetest!
Samantha: Changed my mind, I'm off to become a snowboarder! Laters!
Delkin: . . . and then she wins three gold medals at the Olympics, and later she teams up with Bugs Bunny to save the planet from a bunch of snowboarding aliens!
Holly: Will there be a prequel about the ghost?

The author writes:

2018: The Year Delkin Fixed Literature.

The title is quite possibly the worst thing on mezzacotta, outside of all those Darths & Droids titles, and I will not apologize.

You can tell the wife is crazy because she got her vowels out of order.

Character sprites are David Birch's. Except Steve's. Poor Steve.