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No. 762: Steve II

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Steve II

First | Previous | 2018-03-02 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=762

Strip by: Sharruma

Oliver: In comic 387 we introduced a new character in the person of Steve.
Oliver: Steve has been a very popular character among those of the cast called Steve
Oliver: But he has caused a gender imbalance in favour of the males
Oliver: It's time to redress that imbalance
Oliver: Introducing Elise, the girl in the flowery hat.
Elise: Wait, doesn't that make me the new Steve?
{cut to Elise's office, a decoration on the wall reads 'Welcome Elise' A plaque on the desk reads 'Elise desk' a sheet of paper on that same desk reads 'I resign' (upside down)}

The author writes:

I hope people will accept Elise's resignation. I really don't intend her to be a new character.