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No. 725: Lighting Owl game caller

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Lighting Owl game caller

First | Previous | 2017-07-03 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=725

Strip by: Flextone Game Calls

{A product shot of a "Lightning Owl" bird caller}

The author writes:

The company Flextone Game Calls produces a range of devices that hunters can use to reproduce the sounds of various wildlife, for the purposes of attracting them. It looks like they Googled around a bit at random when trying to come up with the product name for one of their bird calls, and decided to call it Lightning Owl!

So in the spirit of strips #165 and #183, I thought we should feature their work here. Oh, and do check out the reviews for this product on Amazon.com.

This image is copyright by Flextone Game Calls and is used here as a small extract of Flextone Game Calls's website in a parodic context. No infringement of Flextone Game Calls's copyright is intended. This image is explicitly not released under a Creative Commons licence and reproduction outside a parodic or other fair use context is prohibited by copyright law.