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No. 72: Dungeon Master's Misgivings

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Dungeon Master's Misgivings

First | Previous | 2009-03-10 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=72

Strip by: Andrew Bird

Holly: Sorry about the mix-up. I'll just fetch the right character sheet.
Samantha: An accordion file? How many campaigns are you playing in?
Holly: Let's see... there's Holi-bot 5000...
DM: Nope.
Holly: Hoggles, the fearless World War I fighter pilot...
DM: I doubt her plane would fit inside my dungeon.
Holly: Hollikins the bunny—
DM: Is she the victim of a baleful polymorph spell?
Holly: Uh... not really
DM: Then, NO!
Holly: Hole-y Holly, the doughnut...
DM: ...
DM: No. Just... no.
Holly: Ah, here we go. Holegas the druid.
DM: YES!! Finally!
DM: Now can we please get on with this freakin' campaign?!
Holly: {whisper} Did I just break the GM?
Ambrose: {whisper} No, he's always pulling faces like that.
Samantha: Your animal companion is a GERBIL?!

The author writes:

(In case it's not obvious, this strip follows on from Strip 66.)

My sincere thanks to fabiocbinbutter for providing me with a high-res picture of "Doughnut Holly" as she appeared in Strip 20.

I originally intended for one of the core LMoO cast members to be the Game Master in this reality. However, I soon realised that this would preclude them from appearing as a valid player character in the game's universe. I then decided to have a throw-away character appear, as most of the joke ideas I have for this reality are in-game, anyway. I then remembered that I had already drawn someone who was absolutely ideal for the role of Game Master, and thus upgraded "throwaway" to "cameo".