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No. 687: Delkin's Nightmare

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Delkin's Nightmare

First | Previous | 2015-06-22 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=687

Strip by: Negative N

Caption: Previously on Lightning Made of Owls...
Delkin: {is on a computer} "Says a person who never watched my show"? "Where does money grow on trees"? "Valveeta breakfast song"? What the heck was I thinking?
Caption: Now...
Delkin: Holly, can you delete my strip?
Holly: Sure, Delkin. Next I'll teach my pet weasel to fly to Saturn on a scooter.
Delkin: I'm supposed to be the "joker" character, you know.
Holly: {tounge sticking out of mouth} PFLOW, PFORRY!
Delkin: Wha—, well, I—
Delkin: The heck
Holly: Why does the pope wear a funny hat?
Delkin: What does thi—
Holly: Because he ate a banana!
Delkin: That's not even a joke!
Delkin: {frightened} GET ME OUT OF THIS NIGHTMARE!!!
{Ambrose and Samantha are watching TV}
Ambrose: Well, that was a Simpsons episode about which I am quite ambivalent.
Samantha: Wait—Simpsons? I think you're senile, pops.

The author writes:

Continuing from #681.