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No. 668: Lightning Made of Ponies

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Lightning Made of Ponies

First | Previous | 2015-01-21 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=668

Strip by: Cody

{Prof. Ambrose, Delkin, Oliver, Samantha, Meridien, and Holly are all lined up in a row}
Prof. Ambrose: As soon as I flip the switch on my metamorphasizer, we shall all become whatever species of animal the computer chooses at random!
Delkin: Wait, has this thing ever been tested?
Prof. Ambrose: Don't worry. Worst case scenario would be us all losing our heads.
{Prof. Ambrose flips the switch, then...}
{The LMoO cast has become the Mane Six}
Prof. Ambrose (Twilight Sparkle): Yes, the metamorphasizer was a success!
Delkin (Pinkie Pie): Zowie!
Oliver (Rainbow Dash): {stunned by the sudden appearance of wings} I may have had a pair of wings of my own back in my military days, but it was nothing like this!
Samantha (Rarity): Oh, if the paparazzi were to ever find out about this, they'd have a field day.
Meridien (Fluttershy): And here I thought my horoscope was lying to me this morning.
Holly (Applejack): {thinking} Where'd I get this horrid hat from?

The author writes:

Inspired by this forum thread.