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No. 60: Police Academy

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Police Academy

First | Previous | 2009-02-20 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=60

Strip by: cappy

{Delkin looks at a sign}
Sign: Police Academy Registration
Oliver: {a police recruiting officer} There, all signed up.
Delkin: Now what?
Oliver: You must go learn the ways of the force...
Caption: Months later...
Oliver: Now, where would you like to be assigned?
Delkin: Alaska?
Oliver: There's no place like Gnome.
Delkin: Ohio?
Oliver: After all, Toledo is another way...
Delkin: Florida?
Oliver: Show me Miami!
Delkin: Lake Mead?
Oliver: Frankly, my Del, don't live by a dam!
Delkin: Rhode Island?
Oliver: I love the smell of Newport in the morning...
Delkin: Minnesota?
Oliver: You can't handle Duluth!

The author writes: