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No. 568: The Paragon

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The Paragon

First | Previous | 2013-10-02 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=568

Strip by: Alien@System

{Delkin in plate armour, holding back tentacles with a glowing sword and magical shield.}

The author writes:

I decided to recreate the Kingdoms of Amalur Destiny cards using the LMoO cast, based on their personal colours. The pictures were drawn with pencil, scanned, then inked and coloured using GIMP and a Wacom tablet. The frames are taken directly from the game.

Purple stands for the Might+Sorcery path, so as you can guess, flinging spells while wearing plate armour. Or cutting your enemies to bits with a greatsword larger than yourself while walking around in a dress - I mean robe. Delkin's personality isn't really defining when it comes to combat, but his hairstyle generally isn't associated with great deeds (yep, he's got bangs under his helmet. HE'S THAT AWESOME.), so I chose this particular card because it wasn't so overly heroic as the rest.