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No. 47: Materialism vs. Maya

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Materialism vs. Maya

First | Previous | 2009-02-03 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=47

Strip by: Matt Albrecht

Ambrose: I'm sorry, Meri, but I simply can't accept any ideology other than Materialism.
Meridien: How can you say such things? Even a child knows better.
Ambrose: There simply isn't sufficient proof to the contrary.
Meridien: Can you not see that all such things are illusion, blinding us from knowing the truth?
Ambrose: Truth? You speak to me of truth, yet you cannot tell me what lies beyond this co-called illusion.
Meridien: And you have a clear defined concept for matter?
Ambrose: I do not believe that further discourse will change either of our views. Good day. {leaves}
Meridien: Ambrose!
Meridien: I'll show you materialism!
{Meridien chases Ambrose and whacks him with her umbrella}

The author writes:

The images are taken from The Kid, a Charlie Chaplin film. It was released into the public domain, and is available for download here. Here, Ambrose is played by Charlie Chaplin, and Meri is played by Edna Purviance.