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No. 43: Cell Phone

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Cell Phone

First | Previous | 2009-01-28 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=43

Strip by: R. J. T.

{Ambrose and Delkin are single-celled organisms.}
Ambrose: What have you got there?
Delkin: Cell phone.
[SFX]: {miTochondria inside Ambrose, playing with some electronic gadget} *boop* *boop* *wheedle* *boop*
{silent beat, broken only by the miTochondia}
[SFX]: *blop* *boop* *wheedle* *wheedle*
{Ambrose hits Delkin}
Ambrose: Curious... pseudopods extend of their own accord to reach and smite thee.
[SFX]: {Delkin contracting away} *oooooooze*
miTochondria: Geez... you messed up my high score!

The author writes:

I forgot to mention earlier that Ambrose's "passenger" is not supposed to be one of the major characters. I suppose its name can be "miTochondria" (capitalisation intentional).