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No. 421: Remember

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First | Previous | 2012-04-04 | Next | Latest

Strip by: LTDave

[SFX]: Hum! Wooz! Transporter whine!
Delkin: No! What's happening?
Ambrose: Put the gun down, Delkin. You can't hurt Steve now.
Delkin: Ambrose! What did you do to him?
Ambrose: I sent him back in time. To keep him safe.
Delkin: Back in time? But where?
Ambrose: The mightiest fortress in history. Guarded by the toughest heroes of the day.
Dalkin: You don't mean...?
Ambrose: Yes. I do. The Alamo.

The author writes:

And we're off on a new adventure - Delkin, hunting Steve through all the great disasters of history. Until Steve arrived, the Alamo was a powerful bastion, defending the Republic of Mexico from the aggression of the Empire of Texas.