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No. 332: Really Really Want

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Really Really Want

First | Previous | 2011-02-07 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=332

Strip by: qvaak

{panel 1}
Delkin: Hey! Give my comics back!
Off-Panel {presumably Frank Cho}: Can't. I'm gonna be an artist!
Caption: In want of O'Neil Frank Cho was lost.
{panel 2}
Written on the background: - - R - -
Holly: Alright. Maybe I chose the wrong day for this game.
Delkin: Them that die'll be the lucky ones!
Caption: For want of e, h, o and s a game of hangman was lost.
{panel 3}
Delkin: 7...fxg1=Q!?
Ambrose: 8.Qxd8+
Delkin: Damn.
Caption: For want of an underpromotion to a horse a (1,1)/(1,0)-rider was lost.
{panel 4}
Meridien: Princess of cups and two magi! You cheat even on divination?
Caption: For want of a Rider-Waite XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Footnote (No.183) to the caption: Part of the joke was lost. It's easy to lose jokes. Everyone has lost jokes. For analysis on losing see www.insaneabode.com/roboterotica/jokesexplained/. I'm not saying those are the jokes you've lost. There are other jokes, darker jokes.
{panel 5}
Samantha: His success is your fault? But he's the most overrated artist of the 20th century! What could have possibly been worse?
Caption: For want of "Mein Kampf" the Third Reich was lost from the stream of time. Godwin? psssh. What did he know!
{panel 6}
Caption: And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.
Horseshoe diagram note1: tail
Horseshoe diagram note2: paint a blaze and attach eyes
Horseshoe diagram note3: mane
Horseshoe diagram note4: pinto, dun or cremello
Horseshoe diagram note5: leg-shaped heel

The author writes:

I wouldn't get all those references either. The chess joke for the very least would be a complete mystery.

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