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No. 320: Hopelessly DeVoto'd to You

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Hopelessly DeVoto'd to You

First | Previous | 2011-01-03 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=320

Strip by: manyhills

{Oliver gives Samantha a present.}
Oliver: Happy Valentine's Day, Samantha! I got you a present. It's Singles
Going Steady
, the Buzzcocks album.
Samantha: I hate the Buzzcocks.
Oliver: W-what?
Samantha: They sapped punk of its energy by marrying it to tatty pop songs. Only an idiot would think them talented!
{Oliver starts to cry}
Oliver: H-how can you say such mean things to me, Samantha? I love you!
Samantha: Well I guess you've fallen in love with someone you shouldn't've.
{Holly is watching the above proceedings. Delkin is next to her, absorbed in
playing a Game Boy.}
Holly: Aww... isn't that just so kind of Oliver?
Delkin: guess so
Game Boy: blip blip
Holly: So... what do I get?
Delkin: {thinks} Oh sh— {says} ...nothing
Holly: Y-you say you don't love me?
Delkin: {thinks} Something's gone wrong again.
{Ambrose is watching the above proceedings.}
Ambrose: {thinks} She looks familiar. Is she one of the girls who works at the
checkout in Woolworths? {says} Meridien! Where do I recognise her from?
Meridien: Why, she's a girl who works behind the checkout at Woolworths.
{Ambrose looks quizzical.}

The author writes:

Once again the magic of greyscale allows me to skirt past the university's Bandwidth Police.

...Oh, you wanted to know what the joke was? Singles Going Steady. Nothing at all to do with this, so don't get distracted.