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No. 315: Sestina About Multiple Rabid Delkins: The Fifth Stanza

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Sestina About Multiple Rabid Delkins: The Fifth Stanza

First | Previous | 2010-12-22 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=315

Strip by: qvaak

Samantha: I'm sorry I missed the fight, Oliver.
Oliver: Sam, if you think you missed the fight..
Oliver: Well, uhm..
Oliver: Guess again.
Oliver: Actually, I think it's time to recruit my sidekick Holly.
Oliver: I love her and she'll probably die, but what else can
we do?
Oliver: If you run into trouble while I'm away, just shout-
Samantha: Rabid Delkins are attacking!
Samantha: Right?
Oliver: Riiiiight..
Meridien: Sam! How's the date going?
Samantha: Intense. Hot. Great.
Samantha: I'm one lucky girl!
Meridien: Sure. Ta-ta.
Oliver: Everything OK?
Samantha: Yes.
Oliver: This is Holly.
Holly: Hi.
Holly: No time for talk. We must kill Delkins.
Oliver: She's so young and energetic.
Holly: Oliver, I think We've lost.
Oliver: NO!

The author writes:

It's always interesting how the characters turn out. Oliver was easy. At times he's kinda mean and at other times pretentiously pompous, I think, but mostly he's just a hero fighting a good fight. Not much dimension there, but true to the character. Simple.

Samantha was a harder nut, as she usually is. At the first look she seems to be both other women, cheerful and naïve yet still strangely estranged and potentially psychic. But in the end I think she is quite exactly Samantha. The archetype I ended up with seems to be super hot, hyper powerful, socially dysfunctional, tender-hearted anime robot.

Holly is probably the worst at sidestepping her nature. She's doing a sidekick gig and is much more reflecting Oliver than playing as independent character. Or she's building drama and humour by betraying the expectations: She's (again) put into a position where she's serious, hurt, and desperate because we know she normally is cheerful and vivacious.

Meridien is herself, but plays only very minor role. Nothing much there. Pity. Meridien is great.

Delkin is mostly just prop, Ambrose just flavour text.