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No. 30: Ready for Action

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Ready for Action

First | Previous | 2009-01-09 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=30

Strip by: David Birch

{Delkin, Holly, and Ambrose are medieval heroes}
Ambrose: ... The armour will adjust to fit you, of course.
Holly: ... Okay.
[SFX]: POK! {the armour shrinks to fit Holly}
Holly: eek!
Delkin: And finally... the Sword of Heroes!
Delkin: Now miss... are you SURE you're ready to face the dragon?
Holly: Let me at 'im!
Holly: {off screen} YaaAAaAAaAaaAA!
[SFX]: Splorch! {blood spatters}
{shot zooms out to show Ambrose and Delkin standing under a banner reading "Adventuring Party Try-outs"}
Delkin: Pick Up Groups...

The author writes:

A "Pick up Group" or "PuG" is a common phenomenon in many modern MMORPGS. The idea is that there are quests in the game that you are too weak to face alone. In these instances such games require you to form a party of intrepid adventurers and face the challenge using a fair deal of teamwork.

Most gamers recommend you team up with a group of people you know, or play with often, so they'll behave in a predictable manner. However, sometimes your friends aren't online, and that isn't possible. From these situations the PuG is formed, a group of people who team together to face a quest without really knowing anything about the others. Joining a PuG can be very rewarding, but as often as not, disaster ensues.