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No. 299: Trouble at Mill

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Trouble at Mill

First | Previous | 2010-11-15 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=299

Strip by: qvaak

Delkin: Trouble at mill!
Ambrose: Oh no! How could that happen? No. You're pulling my leg, aren't you?
Delkin: I'm not. I don't do metaphors. I always confuse figurative and literal. It can become awfully messy.
Ambrose: You're saying you might accidentally sever a leg off someone?
Delkin: Been there, done that. The worst thing? I can't even re-member them all.

The author writes:

Test comic on my new character templates. Ambrose's buttons have jumped to the wrong side when I mirrored him. Small bug there, but that's always a problem with copy-pasting art. It's too much trouble to avoid mirroring, yet mirroring often creates little errors.