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No. 286: High Stakes

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High Stakes

First | Previous | 2010-10-15 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=286

Strip by: Robyn

{Oliver is working out with weights; his phone rings}
Oliver: Hi Holly.
Holly: {over phone} Oliver! It's an emergency! I need to prepare a steak!
Oliver: Relax, I'm a steak expert. Mix up some olive oil, wine, soy sauce and lemon juice...
Holly: What? Are you sure?
Oliver: Yes, of course I'm sure. Then put in salt and pepper and some crushed garlic cloves.
Holly: Oh I see. But I don't have time for all of that. Can't I just rub the garlic on the outside?
Oliver: Yeah, that will work, if you don't have time to marinate.
Oliver: Now how do you want your steak?
Holly: Quickly!
Oliver: So you want it bloody?
Holly: Definitely, but how do I know if it's sharp enough?
Oliver: Sharp?
Holly: Sharp enough to pierce the vampire's heart. I have to hammer it in before sunset, right?

The author writes:

My deepest apologies to all those who care about such things that I couldn't do a better job rendering a well-cut Oliver at the gym. My Internet was down so I couldn't even look up reference material. Heck if I could look at pictures of mostly naked men on the Internet, would I be drawing comics? I got distracted enough deciding on a recommended steak marinade.