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No. 282: Netflicks

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First | Previous | 2010-10-06 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=282

Strip by: Robyn

{Late afternoon:}
Samantha: Hey Oliver, a new Netflix arrived today. Want to watch it with me?
Oliver: Sure.
Oliver: That was awesome, Sam. Good pick. Let's watch the director's commentary.
Oliver: Here's another commentary track with the leading actors!
Oliver: Wow. Some of these deleted scenes would have made it a different movie.
Samantha: Haha! They're doing it on purpose now just to make the gag reel!
Samantha: I'm going to bed now.
Oliver: I'm just going to look at the 'making of' documentary.
{Even later:}
Oliver: I love having movies delivered right to the door!
Samantha: Yeah, it saves so much time.

The author writes:

For those outside the USA: Netflix.

This comic was inspired by this comment on another site, and prepared with the help of this site. I offer the following rebuttal on behalf of real comic artists everywhere: once you've started down the path of accurate moon phase, where do you stop? Azimuth and altitude aren't that hard, but realistic starscapes were beyond me. Plus a gibbous moon is actually kind of hard to draw.

The comic begins around 5 pm and ends an hour or so after midnight. Also they may have fast-forwarded through some of the bonus features.