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No. 259: Lightning Made of Atland

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Lightning Made of Atland

First | Previous | 2010-08-02 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=259

Strip by: Andrew Bird

Caption: Lightning Made of Owls © Nate Piekos. Episode 259
Oliver: Good morning, gents. You're both looking very well drawn today.
Ambrose: And yourself, Oliver! I wonder who our artist is?
Delkin: Well, according to today's annotation, we've been drawn by Nate Piekos.
Oliver: Nate Piekos? Sounds familiar.
Ambrose: Never heard of him.
Delkin: He draws the Atland webcomic. Here, look!
Ambrose: Oh, my...
Ambrose: Shall we pay the girls a visit?...
Oliver: Absolutely!
Delkin: Hubba, hubba!

The author writes:

Okay, so Nate Piekos didn't really draw this strip, it's just my best effort at imitation. If the punch-line is a little vague, please visit his absolutely glorious webcomic and browse/binge the archive - it might help explain things. (And even if you can discern my feeble attempt at humour without needing to visit the site, visit the site anyway!)

This comic was, alas, outdated before it even saw the light of day - it's in the "old" Atland dimensions of 600×415. The strip has since moved on to season 2, with a much bigger (and better) page size. This might give you some clue as to how long it has taken me to reasonably mimic Nate's style.

Finally, for those who are wondering, Delkin is sporting the latest model "oPhone", complete with the latest high-definition graphics, Internet access, cool self-referencing logo, and fourth-wall breaking technology.