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No. 256: Multiple Delkins Saga, Part 3

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Multiple Delkins Saga, Part 3

First | Previous | 2010-07-23 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=256

Strip by: qvaak

Parallel Universe Delkin: So, what now?
Soul Delkin: Now I go away and you cease to exist.
Future Delkin: Soul?
Soul Delkin: Yeah.
Future Delkin: Who's?
Soul Delkin: Everybody's. You Shared.
Imaginary Delkin: If you are our soul and we are dead, how come we're talking with you?
Virtual Reality Delkin: And why am I here? Even if the system crashed, it should not have fried my brains or anything.
Soul Delkin: The world that ran the program was a super world, alright, but wasn't the real world soul-wise. And this ... is just the moment I look at my dead body before continuing onwards. Your life-likeness is kind of creepy, but you should have no consciousness any more.
Soul Delkin: The world has ended and the super world computers are broken and burning, so I don't actually know, where... who the hell is that?
Delkin From Connecticut: Hi. I'm Delkin, from Connecticut. I heard people say, there were some guys looking just like me, and damn were they right!

The author writes:


Having already previously created a clone army of Ambroses and that peculiar gal called The Other Meridien, it seems I have some strange fascination in multiplying our cast. Three more to go.