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No. 254: Notepad

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First | Previous | 2010-07-16 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=254

Strip by: Panpear

Holly: Hey Delkin... I was thinking—
Delkin: That's a first.
{Holly stares at Delkin, outraged}
{Holly continues to stare at Delkin, outraged}
Delkin: Please - continue.

The author writes:

I drew this while at work on some notepad paper there, so the overall sketch time was probably under 10 minutes. I only drew a little bit here and there, so it wasn't done all at once. In the end, I decided to give Delkin a beard so he would look more like a guy (his hair is supposed to be in dreadlocks). At first it was a goatee, but I didn't want him to be evil.

This situation has happened to me before many times with my fiancé, but I seem to shrug it off much sooner than Holly does. :)