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No. 237: Alley Cats

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Alley Cats

First | Previous | 2010-05-17 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=237

Strip by: ScytheK

{Holly, Oliver, and Delkin are cats}
Holly: Hey Delkin! Take off your glasses!
Delkin: No.
Holly: {making puppy-dog eyes} Pwetty pwease? *sniff*
Oliver: Okay, sometimes I do "cute" things, but this is cute overload.
Delkin: Okay, fine. Just no more puppy eyes.
Holly: Oh my goodness gracious!
Oliver: If I had hair, I'd hurk up a hairball right now! Because that's just nasty!
Delkin: What?
Holly: Um, Oliver, it's ironic that you say Delkin has no eyes is nasty, because you eat garbage.
Oliver: Holly, when you are an alley cat, that's pretty much all you eat.

The author writes:

I always wondered what Delkin was hiding behind those glasses, so I decided to take a guess. Pretty pathetic, amirite?