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No. 194: Eight Stages

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Eight Stages

First | Previous | 2009-12-21 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=194

Strip by: Panpear

Caption: LMoO presents the eight stages of being Ambrose's assistant
Caption: Stage 1: Excitement.
Ambrose: {off-panel} Holly, could you get my me spanner?
Holly: Sure thing, boss!
Caption: Stage 2: Amusement.
Ambrose: Go get the chicken teeth, will you? Second shelf in the kitchen.
Holly: Oh Ambrose, what crazy scheme are you up to now?
Caption: Stage 3: Impatience.
Holly: It's been a couple of hours. Do you need anything now?
Ambrose: Nope.
Caption: Stage 4: Boredom.
Ambrose: Just a few more minutes until I'll need that capacitor...
Holly: He's been saying that for hours.
Caption: Stage 5: Tiredness.
Ambrose: Don't you love all-nighters! Gets your blood going!
Caption: Stage 6: Frustration.
Ambrose: Actually, I changed my mind- I do want the blue one.
Caption: Stage 7: Anger.
Ambrose: Can you fetch me some more donuts?
Holly: I just got you some!
Ambrose: And they were delicious.
Caption: Stage 8: Acceptance.
Holly: Do I dare ask why you need 10 live cobras at 2 in the morning?
Ambrose: I wouldn't. Now be a dear and bring them over here.

The author writes:

The character art was drawn by ahdok, and was coloured by Qvaak. I merely added the background and words (let me tell you, I spent far too much time on that background). There is a wide range of facial expressions in ahdok's character art, so I wanted to try them out.