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No. 184: Tiny!

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First | Previous | 2009-11-27 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=184

Strip by: Colin Foster

Holly: It's great to be tiny!
Holly: What gave you the idea?
Samantha: The plight of little people.
Samantha: "Midget" is derogatory.
Samantha: Please don't call them that.
Holly: Uh, this is a humor strip.
Samantha: Oh. So, you like lawyer jokes?

The author writes:

I'd like to explain how I come up with LMoO submissions. First, I think of a concept (here, it's "pixel art"). Then, usually after thinking up other things (semi-hand-lettering the strip, not blowing up the size), I actually start to come up with a joke. This one was kind of Anvilicious, but I figured it was a decent idea.

This one was tougher to write than others. At first, Holly and Sam were more verbose, but due to canvas limitations, their dialogue shrank with them. The irony of having a large author's note for a tiny comic only just dawned on me.

P.S.: If you need to enlarge the image to see it at all, go ahead, dear readers.