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No. 18: The Office: Christmas Bonus

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The Office: Christmas Bonus

First | Previous | 2008-12-24 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=18

Strip by: Jemppu

{The office}
Holly: {going cubicle to cubicle, carrying a handful of envelopes} Seasons Greetings, Ollie! It's the time for Christmas bonuses again.
Oliver: Hey! Thank you, Holly! And Merry Christmas. Good luck.
Holly: Happy Xmas, Delkin! I've got something for you here.
Delkin: Bonuses!?! Aww! You rock, Holly!
Holly: {singing} It's the season to be jolly!
{Samantha's cubicle}
Meridien: Not that I'd think so myself, but sure, I see your point.
Meridien: I can imagine, how you'd grow tired of Christmas before the actual event.
Samantha: And then!! The regular folk, who complain about the craze starting in August or so have no idea, that someone's had to have been making all that elves and snowmen crap for them since July!! swear, one more Xmas—
Holly: Meerry Christmas, Sammy! It's the—
{view of Oliver in his cubicle, hearing sounds from across the office}
Voice: Geez, Sam!!
Oliver: {seeing Holly walk past with a huge grin on her face} Holly?
Holly: Went much better than last year!

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