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No. 162: Floating Heads

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Floating Heads

First | Previous | 2009-10-07 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=162

Strip by: Colin Foster

Samantha: Ambrose? What have you done now?
Ambrose: I've separated our heads from our bodies so we can do twice the work!
Samantha: Did you get the idea from "Scrubs"?
Ambrose: Uh...
Samantha: So Oliver, what do you think of Ambrose's experiment?
Oliver: I think it has potential. If I can get people used to it, I could travel to a third-world country and really get some work done!
Samantha: Yeah, whatever. I'm going to go out and spook people. Wanna come along?
Oliver: Oh, Sam...
Samantha: So Meridien, I'm going to go out and spook people with my disembodied head. Wanna come?
Meridien: Can't. I'm going to the hospital. Now I can get twice as much work done!
Samantha: You gave Ambrose the idea, didn't you?
Meridien: Oh, come on! Don't you wish you were Zach Braff, too?

The author writes:

For a while, I wanted to use Blender 3D for a Lightning Made of Owls strip; however, I'm a little out of practice, and coming up with even basic models for the characters would take work. I came up with the idea to only to do their heads, which probably saved me quite a bit of time.