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No. 159: Principal Ambrose

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Principal Ambrose

First | Previous | 2009-10-02 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=159

Strip by: Colin Foster

{Principal Ambrose's office at Franklin High School}
Ambrose: Delkin, I'm disappointed in you...
Delkin: Yeah, I know...
Ambrose: These senior pranks have gone too far!
Delkin: I know...
Ambrose: Why did you put photo chemicals in the swimming pool?
Delkin: I figured the photo class could swim and develop photos at the same time. Have fun, you know?
Ambrose: And furthermore...
Ambrose: How did you get a swimming pool installed in the baseball field?!!
Delkin: It's not like the team was using it...
Delkin: By the way, there'll be a $125,000 bill coming.

The author writes:

Working Ambrose into the My So-Called Lightning strips was an interesting challenge. A student with facial hair isn't unheard of, but looking like an old man is pretty unusual. So basically I had two choices: Either make him part of the staff, or have him go through a traumatic experience that turned his hair prematurely white. I decided on making him principal, chiefly because I couldn't think of a funny traumatic experience.