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No. 140: Student Council

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Student Council

First | Previous | 2009-08-31 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=140

Strip by: Colin Foster

{A student newspaper}
Ad: Vote for Sam! StuCo President!
Ad: Delkin for School Technician. See the Light.
Ad: Oliver for Treasurer. Taking from the teachers, giving to the students.
Ad: Meridien for Student Nurse. Not just chicken soup.

The author writes:

A few months back, when I was trying to figure out what I could do as a Lightning Made of Owls strip, my high school was having its student council elections. I don't care much for student council elections; there's no difference between the candidates, so it basically comes down to who hands out the most candy. (Insert your own joke here.) However, I liked the idea of using the posters for a LMoO strip, and so I'm doing a series of high-school related strips. I'm thinking of calling the series Beverly Hills, 9021Owl.