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No. 13: The Office: Contact Addresses

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The Office: Contact Addresses

First | Previous | 2008-12-17 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=13

Strip by: Jemppu

{Samantha storms furiously through the office, while Meridien looks on and tries to stay out of her way.}
Meridien: {thinking} Darn it.
Oliver: Hi, Meridien. Something going on?
Meridien: Oh, Oliver! No, it's just...
Meridien: Look, I forgot to do one thing. If Sam asks-
Meridien: {as Samantha arrives suddenly and spots her} !!!
Meridien: {to Oliver} I was never here, okay! {flees}
Samantha: Yeah! Nice, Meri! Run! Like I didn't see you!
Samantha: {to Oliver} She failed to write a client's contact address in the order form again! I'm so sick of having to come hunt for it here every time!
Oliver: Have you thought about asking the tech guys to set you up with an access to the marketing files?
Oliver: That way you could easily look up the contacts on your own.
Samantha: That would work, if I wanted to look them up, but I want her to do it.
Oliver: {rolling eyes} Oh! And I thought you needed them.

The author writes:

This was actually the first one I drew for the project, but I thought the way Meridien is dodging Sam's tantrum here might come off a bit too uncharacteristically work/responsibility avoidant, which could have been confusing to start with.

The page was originally drawn horizontally in two rows and later rearranged in these three, as I was figuring out which way would work the best within the set 800 pixel limits.