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No. 10: Video Fantasy 1

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Video Fantasy 1

First | Previous | 2008-12-13 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=10

Strip by: Leon Arnott

Title: Lightning Made of Owls "Video Fantasy 1"
{The characters appear as video game sprites.}
Caption: You engage the sorcerer Ambrose in battle!
Status Display: Oliver 278HP; Meridien 142HP; Delkin 167HP; Holly 180HP
Caption: Oliver slashes his signature L-mark! 47 damage to Ambrose.
Caption: Holly casts Restore Life! Ambrose's staff was brought back to life!
Caption: Meridien casts Encircle! Ambrose is imprisoned in Saturn's rings!
Caption: Delkin casts Pinkment! Ambrose's robes turn a bright shade of pink!
Oliver: ... Delkin...
Meridien: That doesn't really...
Holly: That spell's just showing off, isn't it?
Delkin: Hey, I thought you'd all decided to skip the fighting and go straight to the 'humiliation' part.

The author writes:

Lightning Made of Owls is brought to you today by the letters "RPG" and the words "Zorro Mark" and "Humiliation Conga"