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Comic 45



Eve bursts into the dark laundry. Robert has his eyes open and trying to look around behind him. He has the ball-gag in his mouth and is still lying on the banana lounge. Eve reaches into a laundry basket resting on top of the washing machine.

She quickly arranges the bed sheet behind Robert to location disguise, and holds the phone up to record video of him. We see Carol on the phone, her hand over her mouth, and a smaller inset picture showing Robert (as per the selfie you see on Skype).

Eve (typing) (MFL) Here he is. Carol (MFL) Robert! Blink twice if you're okay! Eve (typing) (MFL) Send the bank details. You have ten seconds.

Robert blinks.

Carol (MFL) Not until...

Walter suddenly leans into view.

Walter (MFL) It's 1688061-0201190526.

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