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Comic 42



Eve (typing) (MFL) Other account. Now. Carol (on Eve's phone) (MFL) There is no other account.

Eve considers this, head in hands. She stares at Carol on the phone.

Suddenly - FLASH BACK! We see a much younger Eve - her hair is long, and she is sitting on a quite different bed. She's wearing a dress. She also has a black eye and a smear of blood under her nose.

Eve's mother Gina is sitting next to her. She doesn't show to Eve her concern.

Gina I know, Eve, it feels simple. You built a lie, a... mental model, and it was so close to reality because all you did was remove Dave. Everything else could stay the same. But the fact is, Dave punched that boy, and you're covering for him. Eve He wasn't there. It's the truth. Gina Darling. Your lie is surrounding you like a wall. I know if you just believe in it hard enough it'll become reality. To you. In your head.

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