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Comic 39



Eve lies on the bed, looking at the kidnapper phone.

Computer Voice Press OK now.

She presses OK.

SFX click

There is a moment with her made silence, but then...

Computer voice This is a test. Enter your bank account details and password in the space provided. You have ten minutes.

Eve looks up at the kidnapper phone (she is still lying down) as she receives the instructions. The phone UI has changed to now show two text boxes for account details and password, and a "Done" button. There is also a countdown timer currently at 09:51.

SFX tap tap tap tap Eve (texting) (MFL) Now we test. Type bank account details and password, in ten minutes.

Eve holds up her own phone next to the kidnapper phone. Carol is visible on her phone, addressing Eve directly.

The kidnapper phone countdown timer is showing 09:25.

Carol (MFL) You can hear and see me, yes? Eve (texting) (MFL) Yes Carol (MFL) This has gone far enough. You have kidnapped the wrong person.

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