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Comic 31



The kidnappers have seen that the phone has been picked up again.

Kidnapper 1 (MFL) They've started. Proceeding with the next step...

Meanwhile, Eve holds both phones up, listening to one and typing on the other.

Computer Voice Good. Stand up. Press OK.

The kidnappers check the camera.

Kidnapper 1 (MFL) Camera still not working? Kidnapper 2 (MFL) Nope. EVE (typing) (MFL) Good. Stand up. Type OK. CAROL (typing) (MFL) We're standing. OK.

EVE presses OK on the kidnapper phone.

Computer Voice Walk to the front balcony. EVE (typing) (MFL) Walk to the front balcony

Carol and Walter follow the input now to walk up the steps toward the balcony.

Computer Voice And your housekeeper too.


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