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Comic 13



We see the mysterious figures of unlit ruthless kidnappers, talking amongst themselves in a Mysterious Foreign Language (MFL) as one pulls a phone out of their pocket and looks at it.

KIDNAPPER #1 (MFL) What was that?

The scenes of the kidnappers and Eve's revelations are shown simultaneously. The phone Eve picked up continues to talk, and show pictures of Dave's kidnapping.

COMPUTER VOICE Here is your son asleep. KIDNAPPER #2 (MFL) The watcher phone. Motion alert went off. KIDNAPPER #1 (MFL) What?

Eve reacts in horror as she sees the sequence of images

COMPUTER VOICE Here is your son being sedated. KIDNAPPER #2 (MFL) Motion alert went off. Can we stop talking in front of the hostage? COMPUTER VOICE Here is your son in a safe location. KIDNAPPER #1 (MFL) Why did the motion alert go off? KIDNAPPER #2 (MFL) Maybe a cat? COMPUTER VOICE If you want him back you will follow our instructions precisely.

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