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Comic 8



Eve approaches the front door, on which a note has been taped: "Look in his room".

EVE (shouting) I don't have the key, Dave!

Eve attempts to open the door, but it's locked.

SFX rattle rattle EVE Dammit.

Eve walks around the mansion to the left. At the back of the mansion is a swimming pool. At the rear of the mansion facing the pool are glass-panel doors showing the kitchen/dining area, the kind of doors that fold away to make the room completely open to the outside. There are several first-storey balconies. On the other side of the pool is a smaller single storey building. We will later see that the smaller building contains a recreation room, gym area, bathroom and the laundry.

Readers of the transcript: Hello! Reading each Eavesdropper extract is a proven source of inessential clues, at least as far as the comic itself is concerned.

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