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Comic 5




DOCTOR CLOUD I hope we can resolve this quickly. If your benefit doesn't entitle you to a ventilation unit... EVE Definitely. DOCTOR CLOUD Good, because that unit is... not inexpensive. Look, I want to help you and your father. There's no shame in asking for help with the forms. EVE We're fine. DOCTOR CLOUD I don't think you appreciate... I can't intercede on your behalf any further. You must provide the proper paperwork. DOCTOR CLOUD It's in nobody's best interest for this to go any further. EVE I'll take care of it. Thank you, Doctor Cloud.

So, Eve's very eager not to talk to Dr Cloud, and we also simultaneously see Dave's current predicament. He is tied to a chair in a warehouse, with a plastic bucket over his head. It has eye holes with dark cellophane taped over them, and small mouth holes.

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