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Comic 3




The bed is unmade; a guitar lies on the floor. Dave is evidently a fan of a band MITM, as there are posters for them up on the wall.
Eve bursts into the room.

EVE Dave, I know you...

Eve, observing that Dave is not present, tries calling his phone.

EVE ...call me. Please. I can't get into Kurosawa drive without the key. They're coming at twelve.


She goes into the kitchen. Her Dad is lying face-up in a bed set up next to the bench top, with a ventilator and tube entering nose, his eyes closed. There is a tray on the bedside table with a bottle of tablets, a bowl of porridge, and a glass of water.

EVE Love you, Dad. Back by lunchtime.


Tall balconies with washing and bikes and pot plants as the only greenery amongst the concrete and brick. The train line is visible over the back fence.
Eve leaves, talking on the phone.

EVE I'm heading off. If you get this message by, uh, nine o'clock, meet me there.

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