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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I see the comics?
mezzacotta uses Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Most current release web browsers support SVG. One popular browser doesn’t – guess which. People using Internet Explorer may either switch to almost any other browser, or install Adobe’s SVG Viewer plug-in.

What’s wrong with the comic text? There’s weird carriage returns in the middle of lines!
This is, alas, an intermittent SVG rendering bug in Firefox. If you reload the comic you’re looking at, it will probably fix itself.

So… how are there so many comics in the archive?
We’re not going to answer that one just yet. We thought we’d let people enjoy the fun of puzzling and speculating over it for a while.

[Any other question about the comics]
See the above answer.

What calendar system does mezzacotta use?
Good question. For simplicity, we ignore the complications of the Julian and earlier calendars. Dates are always assumed to be in the proleptic Gregorian calendar. In particular, this means that the “missing” dates in the 2-14 September, 1752, calendar reform (or any other reform in different countries) are actually valid dates for mezzacotta. Also, there is no year 0; and 1 BC, being 4 years before 4 AD, is a leap year, as are 5 BC, 9 BC, etc.

A site for half-baked ideas? Isn’t this just a copy of halfbakery?
halfbakery is a great site. But it’s just for posting ideas. We wanted a site where we could not only post our ideas, but implement them as website content. You’ll see some ideas here, but you’ll also see pages of stuff with coding behind it, interactive stuff, and stuff that updates. Half-baked implementations of ideas, not just the ideas.