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Invented sets

These are more or less complete sets we have designed. Most of them we have actually printed and played with.
InventicaThe original and brokenest, 2005Printed and played
RirgeSI's invented set, 2005Partly designed
Inventica 2006: HorrificaHorror themed setPartly designed
AsgardLoki's set with buildings and purple "mana"Printed and played
Thriceborn10 factions based on the 3-colour combinations, 2008Partly designed
DraftikarDraft pick numbers matter, 2010Printed and played
DroidikarAS's Darths & Droids set, 2011Printed and played
Return to InventicaLoki's epic nostalgic combo of Inventica, Horrifica, and Thriceborn, 2012Printed and played
Return to LegendsDMM's reimagining af Legends as a modern-day set designed for drafting, 2014.Printed and played
WeirdikarMish-mash theme of Post-Apocalyptic Ancient EgyptPartly designed
DevisedUpdated version of "Revised" (a.k.a. 3rd edition)Printed and played

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