The webcomic that broke TV Tropes.

April Fools!

Ha, we are so awesome – we have pulled off the greatest April Fool’s Day stunt ever. We very quietly removed every mezzacotta comic and replaced the entire archive with completely new material! Yes, that’s over 3,652,425,000,000,000 comics. Every single one of them removed and replaced with an entirely new, original, never-before-seen comic.

How awesome is that? This was no doubt the biggest April Fool’s Day website prank ever perpetrated. We removed over 180 million terabytes of data. Not only did we remove it, we replaced it, with all-new data! The comics were essentially from an entirely new, fictional universe. Astounding!

Imagine if all of xkcd was removed, and replaced with hundreds of brand new never-before-seen xkcd comics. Imagine if all of Sluggy Freelance was removed, and replaced with thousands of brand new never-before-seen Sluggy Freelance comics. That would be staggering! We did more than that! We replaced quadrillions of comics!

Unfortunately, it seems nobody noticed.

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