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More selling out!

We have launched the shiny new mezzacotta shop at CafePress. We’ve taken some of the all-time highest rated mezzacotta comic strips – and a few personal favourites of our own – and placed them on shirts and mugs for your purchasing pleasure.

We are selling all products at CafePress’s production cost price, plus US$1.00. We will donate the $1 markup* from every product purchased to The Jane Goodall Institute. You heard that right, folks. We are not making any profit whatsoever from this – it is entirely for charity.

[* i.e. We will not deduct any of CafePress’s fees. We bear the entire cost of the fees and guarantee that we donate an unadulterated, full, complete, whole, every last red cent $1 for every product sold.]

If you have a favourite strip that you’d really like to buy but isn’t in the store, drop us an e-mail and we’ll add it.

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